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Missed connections - Exhibited October, 2022, Kensington Town Hall

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About Missed Connections

"In the capital we are surrounded by others, yet know very few. They approach, brush past and leave us unknown never to be seen again. Travelers on their own trajectories, with their own thoughts and paths going to different destinations. Missed connections and fading blurs, time and distance expands and propels us apart on separate journeys. We avoid eye contact and we move on."

Created for the Parallax Art Fair (21st - 23rd October, 2022), theses paintings are produced using a form of automatic drawing, my pictures start with feelings and memories which are transmitted onto the canvas via random gestural marks, allowing the individual stories and characters to develop.

Banter - exhibited July 2022

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About Banter

"In this series of paintings I've looked at what I feel is a defining male trait.

I believe that spoken language is not suitable to express the feelings that rule the lives of men. 

We talk but we do not speak, resorting to the common languages of sport and hobbies. True thoughts remain locked inside. 

We speak only in banter.

These four paintings explore this disconnect between thought and expression that exists in men.

Originally displayed within a male enclave on dark walls with dado rails, I built a male confessional. It is a pub or a gentleman's club, a den. A space for secrets and sharing, yet my figures remain trapped within antique frames on heritage walls. 

These paintings have been created directly onto the canvas using only my own instincts. I don't know what form they will take as I work, they are abstract lines which start to connect and grow a narrative. They speak to me as I paint and they form their own stories.

They are doodles which have outgrown their sketchbooks.

Please read these paintings from left to right."

Joe Barrow June, 2022

Banter was first shown at the Art Academy London (July 2022) and two of the series have subsequently been on display as part of Exhibit Here's Art Maze (Oct 2022) on Londons South Bank.

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