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Eternal Dialogues

Eternal Dialogues

Eternal Dialogues

Two abstract figures, their forms carved from stone, engage in a timeless conversation. Set against a backdrop of dusky pink skies and fading light, these enigmatic beings traverse a vast expanse of sand, deep in discussion.

The figures, growing heavy with age, exude a sense of profound wisdom and experience. Their nakedness symbolizes vulnerability and transparency, inviting viewers to contemplate the raw authenticity of their discourse. The process of creation of this work, drawing, erasing and emphasizing marks lends them an otherworldly quality, as though they are ancient spirits, forever engaged in an eternal dialogue that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

"Eternal Dialogues," reflects on the enduring power of communication and connection, even in the face of the shifting sands of existence. The painting captures a moment of profound significance, as if the very universe pauses to eavesdrop on the wisdom exchanged between these stone-like figures.

As a viewer, you are left to ponder the mysteries of their discourse, to uncover the shared narratives etched into their stony forms.

Oil on Canvas

Framed with a varnished wood surround.

79 x 65 cms


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