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Easy Chair

Easy Chair

Easy Chair.

A lone figure, bathed in a warm, sepia-toned light, sits in a welcoming green armchair, finally at ease.  A casual red vest top and jeans, hints at a hard day's labor, while the tranquil expression on the subject's face tells of the respite he has found.

The figure's contentment is palpable, the burdens of the day are lifted as they take a moment to relax. A soft, inviting glow reflects on his face, the gentle illumination from a television screen. It's as if the world outside melts away, leaving only the soothing ambiance of his immediate surroundings.

I started this painting as a charcoal sketch, pushing and pulling the marks to add depth and texture to the painting. The initial charcoal strokes are visible on the surface, imbuing the work with a sense of raw, unfiltered emotion. This technique lends a hauntingly beautiful quality to the image, as though it captures not just a fleeting moment but the very essence of contentment and introspection.

"Easy Chair" invites the viewer to share in the subject's quiet joy, reminding us of the beauty that can be found in life's simple, unguarded moments.

Framed oil painting on canvas.

Painting size: 21*30cms

Framed size: 36*27cms

Giclee Prints of this painting are available here.

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